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Safeco® has helped safeguard individuals and their families for more than 90 years by delivering quality insurance policies. Enjoy the extra protection that Safeco umbrella insurance offers by purchasing a policy. Call our licensed agents who are authorized to quote and sell Safeco Insurance today.
Umbrella insurance from Safeco can include*:

Bodily Injury Liability Coverage Learn More
Bodily Injury Liability Coverage
Helps cover medical or legal costs that exceed your homeowners, auto or other insurance policies.
Property Damage Liability Coverage Learn More
Property Damage Liability Coverage
Assists with auto, homeowners and other claims that exceed the limits of those underlying policies.
Travel Coverage Learn More
Travel Coverage
For certain injuries or liability claims arising while in another country.
Legal Coverage Learn More
Legal Coverage
Lawsuits and attorney costs not covered by your other policies may be covered by your umbrella policy.

(Policy terms and limits apply for each of the above coverages.)

Learn More About How Safeco Determines Your Umbrella Insurance Premium

You must have a Safeco auto insurance policy with the required level of liability coverage in order to purchase an umbrella policy. Once you've done that, the following information may be used to calculate your premium for umbrella insurance.

  • Age
  • Address
  • Credit-Based Insurance Score
  • Occupation

Safeco umbrella insurance is already very affordable—often less than $1 a day.** However, you can also save on a homeowners insurance policy if you buy umbrella coverage.
(Not all factors can be used in all states; Safeco uses the factors allowed by your state law.)

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