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  1. 10 Simple Ways to Spruce Up Your Home for Spring

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    It’s time again for spring cleaning. This season is the traditional time to clean, fix and refresh. That’s why we made this checklist of 10 simple things you can do…

  2. Safeco Field: An Iconic Landmark and a Seattle Must-See

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    With Major League Baseball underway, we want to highlight a particular MLB stadium dear to our hearts: Seattle’s Safeco Field. Home to the Seattle Mariners (#TrueToTheBlue!) for nearly 20 years,…

  3. What Happens If Your Car Is Damaged in a Parking Lot?

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    The weather is warming and that means baseball games, concerts and more. It may seem like all fun and games, but what happens if your car is damaged while parked…

  4. 10 Adorable Dog Breeds That Will Delight Your Home

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    You certainly love your dog and wouldn’t compare her to any other, but did you know that certain dog breeds–and behaviors–can affect your home insurance rates? In fact, insurance claims…

  5. Do I Really Need Uninsured Motorist Coverage?

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    Car accidents are stressful events. On top of worrying whether you’ve sustained any physical injuries or damage to your vehicle, you shouldn’t have to wonder if your insurance coverage will…