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5 Strange Insurance Types: Real or Not Real?

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Car insurance and health insurance are standard types of insurance coverages. Alien abduction coverage and haunted house insurance are not. Question is, are they even real coverage types?

Abduction Insurance

While there is one company that sells “alien abduction insurance”, you’re not likely to use the benefits any time soon. But it is fun to consider! The UFO Abduction Insurance Company offers “insurance” coverage to pay for the damages sustained if you are probed by aliens. The only caveat is that you’ll need to make sure the alien gives its signature before it releases you from the mother ship. Otherwise, you won’t get a payout.

Multiple Birth Insurance

It’s real–but only in the United Kingdom. There, multiple birth insurance can be purchased to help protect you financially if you are pregnant and find out you are having more than one child. One stipulation is that the policy has to be purchased before you know how many kids you’re having. Think of Octo-mom and Kate Plus 8 and how these expecting moms had to expand their nurseries once they found out how many kids they were having. This insurance would apply to them.

Fantasy Sport Insurance

Yes, this type of insurance turns fantasy into reality. If you are sinking large sums of money into fantasy sports and your major players are seriously injured, this insurance can help cover your league costs. For example, if you paid the $799.99 buy-in for a prize league and your top player gets injured, this insurance will get you that $799.99 back. According to the Fantasy Sports Trade Association, about 56.8 million people play fantasy sports and gamble on players each year, leaving a lot of people at risk if players become inactive.

Divorce Insurance

Although you might worry that buying this insurance could become a self-fulfilling prophecy, divorce insurance does exist to help cover legal costs associated with ending a marriage. When people say “I do” they generally expect their marriage to last, but for those who have doubts even before the ceremony, this coverage may save them money down the line if things sour. While this is a real insurance coverage type, only a few insurance companies offer it.

Haunted House Insurance

Yes it’s real. Aimed at businesses’ running a for-profit haunted house, haunted house insurance pays for medical and legal bills if a visitor gets hurt or causes harm to an employee or another guest. There’s nothing scarier than a lawsuit, so if you’re running a haunted house you may want to think about this insurance coverage offered by a limited number of companies.

There’s insurance for seemingly everything these days. These off-the-wall types prove it. We at Clearlink Insurance Agency are licensed agents for Safeco Insurance®, and while we don’t offer any of the above coverages, we do offer policies for your everyday insurance needs.