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5 Awesome Apps for Bikers on the Ride

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Biking isn’t just a hobby; it’s a lifestyle. There’s nothing that quite matches the wind at your back and the pavement beneath your feet. All you need is an open road, good weather and motorcycle insurance for a perfect day of riding. Whether you ride for pleasure or commute to work, these five apps could help you along the way. Just be sure to keep your hands on your handlebars and off your phone during the ride.

1. Waze

Traffic is every driver’s worst enemy. Motorcyclists must be on high alert to avoid accidents or injuries. Waze helps you avoid traffic slowdowns. As a full-featured navigation app, Waze provides friendly traffic alerts. By crowdsourcing traffic information from other drivers, its map interface features icons for accidents, hazards, speed cameras, road closures and police officers. In heavy traffic, Waze can automatically reroute you to a clearer path.

Along with staying up-to-date on traffic conditions, Waze allows you to search for addresses and report nearby traffic conditions. This app even integrates Google and Foursquare to help you navigate to popular destinations.

2. SkyMotion

Without a roof for protection from the weather, bikers need a reliable weather app. Enter SkyMotion, an innovative app that provides short-term, real-time and highly localized weather forecasts. Its proprietary technology uses advanced algorithms to track rain clouds, wind and temperature in real time.

Integrated with ground observations, the result is a hyper-local forecast for every half square mile — refreshed and updated every five minutes. For bikers in areas with unpredictable weather, SkyMotion is a great way to keep track of riding conditions.

3. EatSleepRIDE

EatSleepRIDE is a popular online forum and community where motorcycle riders can meet each other, discover new routes and read motorcycle reviews and ride reports. The forum’s app — EatSleepRIDE® Motorcycle GPS — is geared toward social networking and safety for bikers.

This comprehensive app was Motorcycle.com’s top-rated app of 2014. You can discover, save and share motorcycle roads. You can also access data to visualize your ride and track your mileage, speed, lean angle and elevation.

4. Best Biking Roads

One of the best things about riding is finding new routes and exploring your local terrain. Enjoy a smoother ride with the Best Biking Roads app. BestBikingRoads.com is a large motorcycle touring resource, and its app is full of valuable information.

The app features route footage taken by riders, more than 7,500 route maps and more than 4,000 route photos from across the globe. Find route reviews from other users, contribute routes and reviews, look up nearby maps and use its native navigation to reach your route.

5. Pirelli Diablo Superbiker

Half the fun of riding is improving each time. Similar to EatSleepRIDE — but with a greater focus on ride analytics — the Pirelli Diablo Superbiker app lets you capture the performance details of your sessions. Using telemetry and a GPS algorithm, the app calculates a highly accurate lean angle, taking into consideration tire width, altitude, weather conditions, asphalt type and more.

This app lets you choose when to start and pause recording, which allows it to measure your lean angle more accurately. After your ride, view the visualized data on a road or satellite map to compare with your previous sessions.

Thanks to technology, motorcyclists have the opportunity to improve their ride experiences, explore new routes and avoid inconvenient traffic and weather. Along with testing out a few of these apps, share this information on social media so you can experience them with the other bikers in your life, and visit the Motorcycle Safety Foundation for tutorials and safe riding courses.