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10 Simple Ways to Spruce Up Your Home for Spring

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It’s time again for spring cleaning. This season is the traditional time to clean, fix and refresh. That’s why we made this checklist of 10 simple things you can do to keep the inside and outside of your home in excellent condition.

Spring Cleaning for Outside the Home

Warmer weather means there’s a lot you can do outside, including sprucing up your home’s exterior. Use this checklist to get it in tip-top shape.

1. Review Your Roof Shingles

Winter weather can take a toll on roof shingles. Hail is especially damaging to your home. Before the summer sun gets too hot, hop (safely) onto the roof and check your shingles for problems. Replace any shingles that are missing, cracked or worn. If you discover serious damage, it may be time to invest in a roof replacement.

2. De-Gunk Your Gutters

Your gutters may have been filling up with leaves and other debris since the last time you checked. If the gutters get blocked, rain water can overflow and damage your roof or foundation. Safely clean your gutters first by scooping out large debris into a bucket. Then use your hose with a strong spray nozzle to spray out any remaining buildup. Don’t feel comfortable on a ladder? Call in a professional for this task, as well as for the roof inspection.

3. Check Faucets for Freezing

If you live in a climate prone to freezing winter temperatures, check your outside faucets. If you attach a hose to the faucet and the water flow stops, you may have cracked pipes, which can lead to internal flooding. Contact a professional for any pipe repairs.

4. Service Your A/C

At the beginning of each warm season, you should prepare your air conditioning equipment. Indoors, change the air filters and clean the air vents and return grills. Outside, remove any debris from the A/C unit and check for leaks or damage. If you find damage to the unit panels or pipes that you can’t replace or repair yourself, contact a licensed HVAC technician.

5. Get Your Garden Ready to Grow

If you have a garden, spring is the time to prepare for new growth. Clear out any dead plant debris and prune any overgrown perennials. Take action against weeds by pulling out unwanted seedlings. Lay down fresh soil and feed your plants with the appropriate fertilizer. If you haven’t already, start a compost pile with pruning’s, grass cuttings and other debris (minus the weeds).

Spring Cleaning for Inside the Home

Take this opportunity to clean up your home’s interiors, too. It’s the perfect time to declutter, tidy up and make any minor home repairs.

6. Take Time to Tidy Up

Commit yourself to tidying, organizing and simplifying your home. If you’ve accumulated a lot of “stuff,” decluttering can free up space for what’s important in your home. Whether you follow the advice of a tidying consultant like Marie Kondo or you find your own method, spring is a great time to discard unneeded items and organize the ones you choose to keep.

7. Repair and Restore

The squeaky front door. That broken wood trim. Your leaky bathroom faucet. You probably have more than one fixture around the house that isn’t functioning at 100 percent. Pull out your tools, shake up the oil spray, and embrace your inner handyman or handywoman to fix up those ailing home items.

8. Freshen Up Your Furniture

Your couch may have seen better days, and you may be thinking of purchasing a new one. But before you do, consider giving your older furniture an update. Vacuum and clean your sofas, dining chairs and other upholstered furniture. If needed, add slipcovers or reupholster dingy pieces.

9. Deep Clean Your Grimiest Rooms

Check for dust, dirt and grease that have accumulated in your home during the colder months. Now that spring is here, you can give some of these rooms—like your kitchen and bathrooms—a definitive deep clean. Throw open the windows, grab your rubber gloves and scrub down your home’s dirtiest areas.

10. Switch Up Your Décor

Have you been staring at the same shabby chic or contemporary décor for years? It might be time to give your home a style update. Try adding some mid-century modern or coastal items to freshen up your home’s look. Not sure what your design aesthetic is? Try this fun quiz from houzz.com to see which style matches your personality.

While you’re thinking about spring cleaning, it’s a good time to consider updating your home insurance, too. To talk to an independent insurance agent about coverage options, visit insurance.safeco.com.