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10 Adorable Dog Breeds That Will Delight Your Home

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You certainly love your dog and wouldn’t compare her to any other, but did you know that certain dog breeds–and behaviors–can affect your home insurance rates? In fact, insurance claims from dog bites amounted to more than $530 million in 2014, with an average cost per claim of about $32,000.

Your dog may affect the cost of your homeowners liability coverage if it has shown aggressive behavior in the past (regardless of breed), or if it is one of the breeds or mixtures on the list of dog-bite-related fatalities compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

But what about the pups with typically gentle natures? Lists such as the American Kennel Club’s 2016 most popular dog breeds and PetMD’s best dog breeds for families identify several breeds known to be friendly. In no particular order, here are 10 that might be a good fit for both your family and your home insurance policy:

1. Labrador retriever


Friendly, active and outgoing, the “lab” is one of America’s favorite pets. These dogs come in black, yellow and chocolate color variations.

2. Golden retriever


A cousin to the Labrador, the golden retriever makes an intelligent, friendly and devoted companion. They are often used as service dogs because of their obedient nature.

3. Bulldog


This jowly canine is often associated with Great Britain, because it traces its lineage to the British Isles. Bulldogs are generally calm and good natured.

4. Beagle


Curious, smart and gentle, the beagle has an excellent sense of smell. They’ve been traditionally used to hunt rabbits, but they also make friendly pets.

5. Yorkshire terrier

One of the smallest dog breeds, the Yorkshire terrier is a common breed in the “toy” category. They’re affectionate and have long, luxurious locks of fur.

6. Poodle


Poodles are proud and intelligent animals, and they make for show-stopping pets. They come in a variety of sizes, all of which are the same poodle breed.

7. German shorthaired pointer

These canines are bred for performance. German shorthaired pointers are especially good hunters, and they naturally want to please.

8. Dachshund

Adorably long bodied, dachshunds are alert, intelligent and spunky. As a hound, they were bred in Germany to catch medium-sized game like badgers.

9. Miniature schnauzer

The miniature schnauzer is a friendly and obedient terrier. They are active dogs that can grow long, handsome fur.

10. Boston terrier

Boston terriers are adaptable pets with an individualistic nature. Their short, black and white fur leaves them looking like dapper tuxedoed gentlemen.

More Great Pets

  • Australian shepherd
  • Brittany
  • Cavalier King Charles spaniel
  • English springer spaniel
  • French bulldog
  • Havanese
  • Pomeranian
  • Shetland sheepdog
  • Shih tzu

You may also consider some of these dog breeds for your home—none of which should be a home insurance concern, unless their behavior indicates otherwise:

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