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Safeco has been committed to serving customers with reliable and affordable insurance for more than 90 years. With their longstanding history of quality service, great products and even better discounts, you can find a condo insurance plan that fits your needs and budget. We have a network of licensed agents who are authorized to quote and sell Safeco Insurance – call us today!
Condo insurance from Safeco can include:*

Standard Coverage Learn More
Standard Coverage
Helps pay for repairs and fix damage to the inside of your condo unit.
Liability Coverage Learn More
Liability Coverage
If guests get hurt while visiting you, this coverage may help with medical or legal expenses.
Temporary Housing Coverage Learn More
Temporary Housing Coverage
If you're displaced due to a fire or other covered condo damage, your policy may help pay for an alternative place to live for up to 24 months.
Identity Recovery Coverage Learn More
Identity Recovery Coverage
For approximately $1 a month, this protection helps cover costs associated with restoring your identity due to identity theft.
At Home or Away Coverage Learn More
At Home or Away Coverage
Your belongings may be covered at home and on the road.
Valuables Coverage Learn More
Valuables Coverage
Purchase optional higher coverage limits to cover valuables like jewelry and collectibles.
Replacement Value Coverage Learn More
Replacement Value Coverage
Get actual replacement cost for items lost, damaged or stolen with this policy option-so you can buy new ones.
Single Loss Deductible Learn More
Single Loss Deductible
If your car or motorcycle is damaged in the same event as your condo, you may only have to pay one deductible.

(Policy terms and limits apply for each of the above coverages.)

Learn About Safeco Condo Insurance Pricing

A lot of variables go into your condo insurance premium. Here are some of the pieces of information Safeco may use to determine the price of your policy:

  • How Old You Are
  • Location of Your Condo
  • Your Credit-Based Insurance Score
  • Your Occupation

The lower the risk, the lower your premium may be. Pricing takes into consideration a lot of details about you and your condo unit. That's why Safeco representatives like us work to create personalized condo insurance quotes-so you can save where it's possible. (Not all factors can be used in all states; Safeco uses the factors allowed by your state law.)

Lower Your Premiums With Condo Insurance Discounts

There are plenty of ways you can save on your Safeco condo insurance:

  • Safeco Package (up to 10 percent off)**
  • Increase your deductible
  • Multi-policy discount
  • Pay your premium in full

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