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Discover Safeco Car Insurance in Connecticut

Connecticuters have been receiving auto protection from Safeco for many years. Safeco auto insurance policies may be customized to include coverage for your car, SUV, and other vehicles.

  • More than 90 years of insurance experience
  • Insurance for cars, trucks and SUVs

Find Low Car Insurance Rates in Connecticut

If you're commuting in Connecticut, expect it to take about 26.4 minutes*** to get to the office. Drivers' insurance premiums may increase with longer commute times. Drivers in Connecticut may find the coverage prices they're looking for with the help of specialized agents.

  • Affordable policies tailored to you
  • Local, independent agents

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Qualify for Car Insurance Discounts in Connecticut

By driving responsibly in Connecticut, you may be able to tap into Safeco savings. Some discount options such as the low mileage discount and Safeco Safety Rewards™ may offer savings opportunities.** Plus, you may enjoy additional savings if you sign up for auto and home insurance policies.

  • Save up to 15 Percent With the Safeco Package**
  • Safeco Safety Rewards™
  • Teen Safe Driver Discount
  • Low Mileage Discount

Learn About Car Insurance Requirements in Connecticut

The fine print of Connecticut auto insurance policies is often confusing, but with knowledge of Connecticut state requirements, the process may be much easier.


property damage liability coverage per incident


bodily injury liability coverage per incident


personal injury liability coverage per person

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