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Wherever you drive, whatever you drive, Safeco provides the assurance you need to hit the road with confidence—confidence that your auto insurance policy will cover all your personal needs and your state’s requirements. Let an independent Safeco agent help you build your custom auto insurance quote today and discover the peace of mind that results when your coverage comes loaded with all your preferred options.

auto insurance coverage options

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collision coverage

Helps pay for repairs to your vehicle after a covered auto accident

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comprehensive coverage

Covers the costs of theft, vandalism, and other damages to your vehicle

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bodily injury liability

Helps pay for expenses if someone’s injured in an accident you caused

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property damage
liability coverage

Covers damages to other people’s property due to an accident you caused

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motorist coverage

Helps pay for damages caused by people with no insurance or not enough insurance

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personal injury
protection (PIP)

Helps cover medical expenses for you and your passengers after an accident

additional coverage options may include . . .

  • roadside assistance*
  • rental car reimbursement
  • emergency assistance
  • loan and lease coverage
  • electronic key and lock replacement
  • CD and DVD replacement
  • new car replacement ™
  • audio-visual and custom equipment coverage
  • pet coverage
  • personal property coverage
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what is a car insurance quote?

A car insurance quote is a detailed, no-obligation explanation of what you can expect from your potential auto insurance policy. It describes what kinds of events or damages will be covered on your policy, as well as how much you can expect to pay in premiums and deductibles to keep your policy active. At Safeco, an independent agent will work with you one-on-one to find out what kind of coverage will best suit you and your individual auto insurance needs.

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what makes Safeco car insurance different?

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Unlike some car insurance providers who look for ways to punish bad drivers, Safeco Insurance strives to reward good drivers—and good Samaritans. For example, all Safeco auto insurance policies include up to $10,000 in reimbursement coverage for providing first aid to others after a car crash. In addition, many Safeco customers can qualify for accident forgiveness after a certain number of years of accident-free driving.

Safeco also offers a diminishing collision deductible that reduces your deductible amount by $100 each year for up to a maximum of $500 over five years.

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  • yellow icon with a heartaccident forgiveness
  • yellow icon with a dollar signdiminishing deductibles

Safeco car insurance discounts: 
so many ways to save

A personalized car insurance policy that you can depend on shouldn’t have to break the bank. Safeco offers a wide variety of discounts for drivers like you to help you save on auto insurance. Talk to an independent Safeco agent today to learn more about all the auto insurance discounts you may qualify for.

how to save on car insurance with Safeco:

the Safeco Package

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Combine your car insurance and homeowners insurance policies and save up to 15 percent.

Safeco Safety Rewards

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Get special rewards and discounts just for being a safe driver (or for driving a safe car).

accident prevention course

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If you’re 55 or older, take an approved accident prevention course and save for up to three years.

Teen Safety Rewards

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Gain access to the tools and benefits you need to help your teen be a safe driver and save on car insurance.

low mileage discount

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Drive less and pay less with discounts up to 20 percent.

multiple car discount

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Save big when you insure more than one car with Safeco Insurance.

anti-theft devices

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Get a discount on auto insurance when you install an approved anti-theft security device in your car.

anti-lock brakes

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Take advantage of special savings in some states if your car comes factory-equipped with anti-lock brakes.

homeowners discount

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Cut the cost of your car insurance premiums if you own your home, townhouse, condo, or mobile home.