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With more than 90 years of experience providing customers with affordable and dependable insurance, Safeco has become a top insurance provider. If you're looking for affordable motorcycle insurance coverage with a lot of customizable policy options, we are licensed agents authorized to quote and sell Safeco Insurance - call today.
Motorcycle insurance from Safeco can include*:

Collision Coverage Learn More
Collision Coverage
Safeco helps repair your motorcycle if it's damaged in an accident.
Comprehensive Coverage Learn More
Comprehensive Coverage
This coverage may pay for replacement and repairs if your motorcycle is stolen or damaged.
Medical Coverage Learn More
Medical Coverage
If you or your passenger are hurt on your bike, this coverage is designed to help with medical expenses.
Bodily Injury Liability Coverage Learn More
Bodily Injury Liability Coverage
If an accident is your fault and causes injuries to someone else (other than your guest passenger), this helps pay for their medical bills.
Guest Passenger Liability Coverage Learn More
Guest Passenger Liability Coverage
This helps to protect your passenger's medical expenses if hurt while on your motorcycle.
Property Damage Liability Coverage Learn More
Property Damage Liability Coverage
If you cause an accident and are responsible for damage to the other person's vehicle, this helps to pay those damages.
Uninsured Motorist Coverage Learn More
Uninsured Motorist Coverage
This coverage is for damages caused by uninsured drivers.
New Harley® Replacement Coverage Learn More
New Harley® Replacement Coverage
Those who insure a new Harley-Davidson® and whose bike is no more than 2 years old can get a brand new bike if it's destroyed.
Roadside Assistance Coverage Learn More
Roadside Assistance Coverage
If you need a tow or emergency services, this optional coverage helps pay for it.
Safety Equipment Coverage Learn More
Safety Equipment Coverage
This coverage is designed to replace helmets and other safety apparel if damaged in an accident-without a deductible.
Custom Parts Coverage Learn More
Custom Parts Coverage
Purchase up to $20,000 in additional coverage.

(Policy terms and limits apply for each of the above coverages.)

Learn About Your Safeco Motorcycle Insurance Premium

Safeco Insurance® determines your premium by asking you some questions that may include:

  • Your Age
  • Your Address
  • Your Credit-Based Insurance Score
  • Your Occupation
  • Your Motorcycle's Safety Rating
  • Your Risk of Theft or Vandalism

Once that information is gathered, a free motorcycle insurance quote can be provided. (Not all factors can be used in all states; Safeco uses the factors allowed by your state law.)

See If You Qualify For Safeco Motorcycle Insurance Discounts

There are a number of ways you can save up to 40 percent on your Safeco motorcycle insurance-so you can spend more on your ride and adventures on the road.** Some motorcycle insurance discounts and savings opportunities include:

  • Multi-policy discount
  • Continuous coverage
  • Homeowner status (up to 20 percent)**
  • Full payment on premium
  • Claims-free history at renewal
  • Safety device installation
  • Lots of riding experience
  • Motorcycle safety courses
  • Storing your bike in a garage
  • Affiliation with approved clubs or groups
  • Increased deductible

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