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For more than 90 years, Safeco has been providing personalized home insurance for families—helping Americans live safer, more secure lives. Whether you rent or own, feel free to use this site as a resource for discovering important information on Safeco Insurance for your house or apartment.

Standard Homeowners Insurance Learn More
Standard Homeowners Insurance
Helps pay for repairs or a rebuild of your home, replace personal belongings and protect you when someone is injured on your property or sues you.
Renters Insurance Learn More
Renters Insurance
Helps pay for damaged or stolen personal property and guests who are injured at your home, as well as injuries you are held legally responsible for.
Single Loss Deductible Learn More
Single Loss Deductible
Waives one of the deductibles for vehicle and home damage if damage occurs during the same event.
Valuable Articles Coverage Learn More
Valuable Articles Coverage
Specified valuables are protected by an agreed dollar amount with no deductible.
Personal Property Protection Learn More
Personal Property Protection
Pays the actual cost to replace your things that are damaged, lost or stolen.
Identity Recovery Coverage Learn More
Identity Recovery Coverage
Optional coverage provides up to $25,000 for lost wages and expenses related to recovering your identity.

(Policy terms and limits apply for each of the above coverages.)

How Safeco Determines Your Homeowner Premium

Using statistics based on numerous factors, Safeco carefully calculates your home insurance rates. For instance, features such as:

  • Age
  • Place of Residence
  • Occupation
  • Credit-Based Insurance Score
  • Home Security System

all may figure into the cost of your premium. This helps reward safety-conscious residents and give others the opportunity to cut the cost of their premiums when they meet certain requirements. (Not all factors can be used in all states; Safeco uses the factors allowed by your state law.)

Save Big with Safeco's Home Insurance Discounts

You can still get premium insurance without a high premium with such discounts and benefits as:

  • Save when packaging
  • Multiple policy discount
  • Newer home discount

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